Disciplinary Bundle

Disciplinary Bundle

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Disciplinary's can be daunting and stressful for you and the employee involved. So, the last thing you'll need is to be scrambling around in the moment, writing letters from scratch or trying to figure out all the steps you need to take, to comply with the law. 

But... this Toolkit can save you HOURS of time. You can immediately access my pre-written letter templates, checklists, forms etc and get clarity of the steps you need to take.

Who's it for?

This Disciplinary Toolkit is perfect for small business owners, or even an Operations / Office Manager with HR Responsibilities with a disciplinary issue, for example bullying, theft, violence in the workplace, offering or accepting bribes, negligence, breach of health & safety etc. The type of behaviour that is just not acceptance at work.   

It's also great if you want to make sure you have a good understanding of what to do if you had a disciplinary issue, and have access to a Policy, Procedure all the letter templates so you're on the ball if this were to happen.

What's Included in this bundle?

This Toolkit gives you all the important documents you will need to take from through the entire disciplinary process, including the appeal stage. You'll feel confident on the process you need to follow, understand the important legal bits and save hours of time googling and creating your own versions. Use again and again as needed. It includes:

✔️ Disciplinary Policy & Procedure Template
✔️ Investigation Report Template (to plan the process)

Plus, a variety of time-saving Template Letters (see product images)

✔️ Suspending an Employee Letter Template 
✔️ Invite to Investigation Meeting Letter Template
✔️ Letter confirming outcome of Investigation Meeting (multiple versions)
✔️ Invite to Disciplinary hearing Letter Template 
✔️ Letter Template for if they call in sick when invited to a disciplinary 

✔️ A variety of outcome / warning letters e.g. verbal and written warnings
✔️ Dismissal Template Letters, including Gross Misconduct
✔️ Dismissal Appeal Invite & Outcome Letter Templates

All these letter templates can be personalised for your business. You'll just need to add your company logo and change the bits highlighted in red.

Plus you'll get ...

✔️ Immediate access after purchase
✔️ Great value - Buy once and reuse time and time again as needed
✔️ Access to updated versions, as the law changes. 
✔️ Support after purchase, if needed

Please note this Toolkit is a downloadable, customisable general template for you to amend to suit your business needs. All purchases of any documents, are subject to these terms.