HR for Tech Startups, Digital & Creative Businesses

If you're the CEO, Office Manager or Operations Director of a Tech Digital / Creative Company, you won't be looking for traditional personnel support. 

You'll likely want a more innovative and modern approach to HR, to attract and retain talented people in a competitive industry. 

Whether you're just setting up and don't have any HR processes in place, or you're looking to achieve growth or transformation, I can help. I'll essentially be your part-time / flexible / virtual HR Director, taking all the HR worries off your plate and designing strategies to build the team and culture you've dreamed of. 

Does any of this sound familiar?


You're struggling to attract the best tech people to work for you?


You're growing fast, but you don't have sophisticated HR processes to support the culture change and HR operations?


You've got issues with the people you've hired, but no one to talk to or help you?


You want to build a culture of innovation, customer centricity or collaboration, but haven't achieved it as yet and aren't quite sure on how to go about it? 


There are skills gaps or mind set changes needed within the team which you're struggling with and don't want to spend a fortune on training providers that don't understand that you're trying to achieve!


You need to get robust employment contracts in place for staff members as well as making sure your HR policies etc are in place (without stifling your culture?)


You have no HR processes or procedures and just want someone to take it on, without asking you a million questions as you have other things you need to do? 


If you answered YES to any of the above, then book in a free consultation and let's discuss how I can help you achieve your vision faster and build the culture that you really want. 





I can help with:

Fast Growth

I've helped leaders to grow their business in the right way at the right time, with my organisational design skills and modern HR strategies

Culture Change

Working with business owners to articulate their vision, goals and values to then build the team and culture they need to succeed

Team Performance

I've supported business owners to improve team performance, employee engagement and skills in a variety of ways

Employer Branding

I can create strategies and campaigns to enhance your brand as a great place to work, and enter you into employer award schemes


I've revamped recruitment for companies, and also hired for them, including data scientists, marketing, digital, tech, finance, HR and more

HR Transformation

If your HR department isn't as good as it needs to be, I can help. Let me assess your HR's performance and help you make the changes needed

Employee Issues

I can support you with tricky employee issues such as AWOL, theft, complaints, absence, poor performance and much more!

Legal Compliance

I can assist with all types of legal elements including creating staff contracts, HR Policies, legal documents and HR or risk audits


If you need to reduce the cost of your workforce or make changes to improve your services, I can help you with planning a restructure or redundancy process