Maternity Bundle - Modern HR
Maternity Leave Bundle - Modern HR
Maternity Leave Bundle - Modern HR
Maternity Leave Bundle - Modern HR
Maternity Leave Bundle - Modern HR
Maternity Leave Bundle - Modern HR
Maternity Leave Bundle - Modern HR
Maternity Leave Bundle - Modern HR
Maternity Leave Bundle - Modern HR

Maternity Leave Bundle

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  • Compliant with the laws of England & Wales
  • Comes with 7 days email support

Knowing what to say (and do) when an employee tells you they are pregnant, can be a dilemma. On one hand, you are delighted for them. But on the other, you're thinking about the legal steps you need to take, how much it's going to cost and how you'll cope without them and the hassle of finding their replacement.  

Many business owners have contacted me for advice on what to do and what steps to take, so I've created this Maternity Toolkit, which is designed to take through the legal process. It will save you HOURS of time, and helps take the stress out of knowing what steps you need to take and when. 

Essentially, I've done the hard work for you 🎉

Who it's for 

This Maternity Leave Bundle s perfect for you, if you're a small business owner (or even an Operations / Office Manager with HR Responsibilities) and you are looking for some help with managing pregnant employees and managing the maternity process.  

What's included 

All the important documents you will need when it comes to an employee being pregnant or going on maternity leave.

You'll feel confident on the process you need to follow, understand the important legal bits and save hours of time googling and creating your own versions. Use again and again as needed.

This bundle includes:

✅ Maternity Policy - which you can send to your employee to explain the process and what they are entitled to such as eligibility, length of leave, holiday, maternity pay, time off for antenatal classes

✅ Maternity Checklist - so you know what you need to do as an employer and when you need to do it, to comply with the law

✅ Pregnancy Risk Assessment Template - Which you can go through with your employee to identify ask tasks they may not longer be able to do. There are two versions (one for office workers and one for women doing more manual labour e.g. pickers and packers, beauticians hairdressers etc. which could involve heavy lifting or exposure to chemicals)

✅ Maternity Meeting Script - to set out the key points to cover in the meeting with your employee

✅ Maternity Notification Form - For your employees to complete to give you all the information you need. 

✅ Maternity Letter / Email Templates x 8
- which sets out a) their entitlements, start date, return date, keeping in touch days and pay etc b) when they are due to return, to remind them of the date they need to return to work and support that's available to them. Plus, I cover a variety of situations, such as arranging keeping in touch days, sad situations such as miscarriages and stillbirth, going AWOL / not returning from maternity leave etc. 

All letter templates can be personalised for your business. You'll just need to add your company logo and check/change the bits highlighted in yellow. 

Plus you'll get ...

✅ After purchase, a link to this Template will be emailed to you instantly.

✅ You’ll get this as a Microsoft Word Doc, which you can can easily personalise.

✅ You’ll get Lifetime Access - so if I make changes as the law changes, you’ll be notified.

✅ Should a question pop into your mind after purchase, you have 7 days to email me.

Please note this Toolkit is a downloadable, customisable general template for you to make your own & to fit your business. The documents, or anything on this website, should not be construed as legal advice. Use of this website, and purchase of any documents, are subject to these terms. 


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Testimonials ❤️

So useful and worth every penny!

This toolkit was so easy to use and saved me so much time. It gave me all the information and templates needed for the process and made it simple from start to finish.

Really helpful

Having reached the point where I needed to make redundancies in my business, I wanted to make sure I did everything properly for my protection and to support my team. This bundle gave me everything I needed. It was clear to follow the steps and the template letters saved me a lot of time. Mandy was great at answering all my questions.

Easy Instant and Excellent

Such a straight forward piece of kit that is infinitely helpful for small enterprises and start ups.

Employee Handbook

This was just what our business needed. It has been written using simple, easy to understand, language and will be a fantastic resource for our employees. The template was easy to use and customise with our branding.
Thank you Mandy & Modern HR

A great resource

Mandy was extremely helpful and being able to download the document and brand it, saved me loads of time. Thank you

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