7 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs A Virtual HR Director

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A virtual HR director can help you to scale your business more quickly. 📈 And as one myself, I’m able to make that claim with 100% confidence. 👌

But, like any investment you make as a small business owner, you’ll want to get a return – and quickly.

This blog will help you understand the top 7 reasons why it's worth investing in a Virtual HR Director and how this adds value to your business. 👍


How many employees you have. What you pay them. What they do for you. How many hours they work. How you reward them. How you treat them. How long they stay with you.

☝ All these things have a direct impact on the financial success of your business 💷

A virtual HR director can add a MAHOOOSIVE amount of commercial value to your business. At director level, they can work with you to define and implement strategies to manage your people in a more efficient way. After all, your pay bill will almost certainly be one of your biggest outgoings.

A good place to start is to get them to look at your organisational structure through their fresh pair of eyes. The question you need to answer, is 👉 Are you set up to succeed today and in the future? 🤔

This will undoubtedly involve seeing how large your payroll is and whether you’re getting the best value from your most expensive asset – your employees!


Could you say with confidence that you’re meeting all your legal requirements as a responsible employer?

Here’s one example to prove that you might not be 👉 Right to Work checks. Have you done them all? Do you know how Brexit has changed the rules on recruiting people outside of the UK?

💡 Check out this blog I wrote about Right to Work checks, it’s called: HOW DO I CHECK AN EMPLOYEE’S ‘RIGHT TO WORK' IN THE UK?

Another example is 👉 flexible working requests. Do you know how you should be handling these? There have been loads of examples in the press where employers have been taken to employment tribunals and sued for refusing them, carte blanche. Like Alice, a mum who was denied a 5pm finish and won a £185,000 pay-out as a result!

💡 Read a previous blog I wrote about managing flexible work requests, it’s called: ONE OF MY EMPLOYEES IS ASKING ABOUT FLEXIBLE WORKING. HOW SHOULD I RESPOND?

A good HR director will have an excellent grasp of changes in employment law and be able to quickly identify areas of risk ⚠


Responsible employers have all their people paperwork in order. 👍 I’m talking employment contracts and HR policies as an absolute minimum.

This paperwork is what protects you, your business, and your employees – and is something that a virtual HR director can help you get into ship-shape and Bristol fashion, PDQ!

When everything is written down, there are fewer workplace disputes and you’re less open to complaints from your team.

💡 I wrote a blog about the importance of people paperwork, it’s called: WHAT ARE THE TOP 3 HR DOCUMENTS I NEED TO BUILD A TEAM?


There are a gigantic number of people ‘transactions’ to manage when you have staff. Things like payroll, managing contracts, issuing policies, logging Right to Work checks, tracking annual leave, and registering sickness absences etc. The list is endless!!!

And, if you’re doing this manually at the moment, then I totally feel for you. 😢

A virtual HR director can advise on how to systemise the management of your people. Not only to save you time and money, but also to provide an electronic trail that proves you’re a responsible employer. 👍


If you’re growing your business, you’ll undoubtedly want to increase the number of employees you have.

But, recruiting is a time-consuming and emotionally draining job. According to a Glassdoor article I read, it can take a WHOPPING 27.5 days. 😱

And what’s more, if it’s done poorly, you can be stuck with somebody you can’t get rid of! Yet, if it’s done well, your new star talent will take your business forward in leaps and bounds!

This is where a virtual HR director can make their mark. By helping you to:

✔ Build a perfectly designed organisational structure
✔ Define your hiring strategy, to make sure you hire the smart way
✔ Create talent-attracting job ads, posted in all the right places
✔ Choose the right person for the job
✔ Make sure you induct them well


Human beings can be hard to manage. And lots of business owners I know simply LOVE their work, but hate managing people. Especially when things have turned sour 😡

So, if you’ve a people problem on your hands, your virtual HR director can help to untangle it.

Things like advising you on how to handle:

  • Repeated absences
  • Poor performance and capability issues
  • Grievances or general complaints
  • Lateness
  • Retention
  • Pay disputes


‘How we do things around here’ is often the way some people define the meaning of culture

How do you do things at your place? If you think things could be better, this is where a virtual HR director can help. They’ll have a whole host of techniques and approaches to shift the culture in your business

Including fine-tuning – or even creating – the vision for your business and how to bring your people along for the ride.

Allow your virtual HR director to observe how you lead your employees, so they can provide recommendations for improvement. After all, how your team feel about their work and how they perform – is very much based on your leadership style.

🤔 Check if your leadership skills are ready to take your business to the next level by doing my quick quiz!


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