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Have you got someone working for you without a contract? Perhaps you’re looking to spruce up your existing contract template? Or maybe, you’re setting up a new business?

Either way, you need robust contracts in place to protect your business with 👌 Without it, you’re risking everything you’ve worked so damn hard to achieve.

Why not let me take this job off your hands? It’ll save you bags of time, and you’ll feel SOOO good when it’s all done and dusted.


👉One personalised, bespoke contract template, for your business 

👉There's a choice of contracts to choose from. If you’re not sure what you need, I can advise. The choice includes: Employment Contract (full-time employee), Employment Contract (part-time employee), Employment Contract (fixed-term e.g. maternity cover or a project), Zero Hours Contract, Contract for Services (for sole traders, freelancers, or limited companies), Virtual Assistant (VA) Contract, Contracts for Interns, and Apprenticeship Agreements.


💻 Once you’ve paid online, I’ll whizz over a questionnaire to you via email. This is designed to capture all the information I need from you – including any existing contracts or policies you might have – so I can weave my magic on your HR docs.

📹 Once I’ve created all your people paperwork and sent it over to you – we’ll have a video call. This is to walk you through everything I’ve done – and why I’ve included some very important clauses, and how they’ll protect you. Alternatively, I can create a bespoke video for you to watch in your own time.

📅You’ll then have 14 days to digest it all, and suggest any further amends. I’m more than happy to make unlimited changes for you in that period.


⏺ The contract template I create for you will be based on my 18 years’ experience in HR and the commercial world. In other words, I know exactly the types of nightmare employee situations that might crop up and cause your life a misery and I'll build in anything you're worried about.

⏺ It will be in your font and colours with your own logo, reflecting your business personality. 

⏺ And what’s more, everything I provide you will be written in plain English, devoid of all legal jargon and I'll go through and explain it all to you. Too often, employers and their staff sign up to things they don’t fully understand. This could land you in a whole heap of trouble 😱


💜 You’ll have fewer misunderstandings and disputes, if things are clear

❎ You’ll be able to hold employees accountable for behaviour you’re not happy with

💷 You’ll avoid having to pay staff, when you shouldn’t have to

🔐Your company assets and secrets will be protected 

⚖You can legally hold employee data without worrying about GDPR breaches


📞 Book a quick chat with me first, and I’ll answer any questions you might have about my Personalised Contracts + HR Policies Bundle service.

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