Contract for Temporary Employees (Fixed-Term)

Contract for Temporary Employees (Fixed-Term)

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A contract for employees who will work for you for a fixed-period, such as 6-months or just to complete a project or task. Therefore, if you need a contract for an employee who is going to work for you on a temporary basis (also called fixed-term), this is for you.

Please note, there are two options to choose (1. full-time hours or 2. part-time hours) so make sure you select the correct one when you add this to your basket


Well firstly, it's the law. Since 1 April 2020, you have to give all new employees a contract on their first working day. Plus, on a purely practical level, it ensures that they know what is expected of them and what they are getting from you, i.e. their hours of work, holidays etc and what date their employment will automatically end.

But, another important reason is that if things ever did go sour with your employee, or they tried to screw you over, this is the number one document that can make or break your business.

In this template, it covers the following situations, and many more:

🤔 Automatic End Date - So it's clear when they finish and no notice is required 

😡 Confidentiality - so they can't share your strategies and secrets

😢 Non-compete agreements - in case they get poached by your competition

💬 Clarity - to prevent misunderstandings over what they’re entitled to

😈 Intellectual property – so YOU own this and not your employee

💷 Caveats - to avoid paying employees when you shouldn’t have to

⚖ GDPR - so you comply with the law by getting consent to hold their data


👉 My well-written and comprehensive job offer letter and Fixed-Term Employment Contract Template, is instantly emailed to you in Microsoft Word format. It's 100% compliant with the laws of England and is designed to protect you and your business if things were ever to go horribly wrong. And when the law changes, and I update this template, you'll get the new version for free. 

👉 Plus, you'll get my easy-peasy instructions on how to personalise your contract, along with notes and FAQs. These explain the very important clauses and how they’ll protect you – as well as how to send it your employee and what they need to do.


It’s tempting to download a cheap or freebie template elsewhere. But as a smart business owner, I'm sure you know that you don't get anything good for free. Here's why this Employment Contract Template is perfect for you 👇

✅ I know you're busy, but equally I'm sure you don't want to compromise on quality. I’ve poured 18 years of HR experience into creating this, to offer you the BEST contract template I can. 

✅ With my easy to follow instructions, you can top and tail it in minutes to make it your own. And what’s more, you can re-use it time and again as your workforce grows 👍 

✅ It’s written in a language EVERYONE can understand, to eliminate all future disputes. This is to stop you and your employee signing up to something you might not really understand.

✅ As you get an updated version for free every time the law changes, this price is actually a complete steal! It works out under 50p per day, for one year. So, if you plan to be in business for a while, and have big growth plans, you're totally sorted. 


For the purposes of the Fixed-term Employees (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2002 (SI 2002/2034), a fixed-term employee is one employed under a contract of employment that will terminate on:

  • The expiry of a specific term e.g. 6-months;
  • The completion of a particular project or task; or

Where an employee has been continuously employed on a series of successive fixed-term contracts for four years or more, they will automatically achieve permanent status, unless there is an objective reason that justifies a further renewal for a fixed term.


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