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This Template is for you, if you are a small business owner wanting to hire a self-employed contractor (or freelancer) that will be doing work on behalf of your business and providing services to you.

This is a Contract for Services Template which can be used for both sole traders and Limited Company's and the person will need to invoice you for the work they do.

Common examples would include hiring a Virtual Assistant, Facebook Adverts Manager, SEO expert or an Accountant of Bookkeeper. 


If things did ever go sour with your Contractor, or they tried to screw you over, you will be so happy you have terms in place. It covers the following situations, and many more. 

😡 Confidentiality - so they can't share your strategies and secrets

😢 Non-Compete Agreements - In case they get poached by your competition

💬 Clarity - To prevent misunderstandings on their entitlements  

😈 Intellectual Property - You should own this - not them

💷 Payment Terms - to avoid paying them when you shouldn’t have to

⚖ GDPR - So you get consent to hold their data, and comply with the law 

🤔 Termination & Notice - For when the arrangement comes to an end


My comprehensive Contract for Services is instantly emailed to you in Microsoft Word format. It's 100% compliant with the laws of England, Scotland & Wales and is designed to protect you and your business if things were ever to go horribly wrong. And when the law changes, and I update this template, you'll get the new version for free. 

👉 Plus, you'll get my easy-peasy instructions on how to personalise your Contract, with notes and FAQs. These explain the very important clauses and how they’ll protect you as well as how to send it your employee and what they need to do.

👉 Ask me any questions for free, for up to 7 days after purchase. 


It’s tempting to download a cheap or freebie template elsewhere. But as a smart business owner, I'm sure you know that's you don't get anything good for free. Here's why this employment contract template is perfect for you 👇

✅ I’ve poured 18 years of HR experience into creating this, to offer you the BEST Contract template I can. 

✅ With my easy to follow instructions, you can top and tail it in minutes to make it your own. And what’s more, you can re-use it time and again as your workforce grows 👍 

✅ It’s written in a language EVERYONE can understand, to eliminate all future disputes. This is to stop you and your Contractor signing up to something you might not really understand.

 The price is actually a steal. It actually works out under 50p per day, for one year, so if you plan to be in business a while and have big growth plans, you're sorted. 


I'd love to have a chat and answer any questions you have. So, feel free to book a consultation with me here or drop me an email on and I'll get straight back to you.  

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