Hi. I'm Mandy

✨ HR & Hiring Expert & Leadership Mentor ✨

I help UK Tech Startups, Charities, Entrepreneurs & Small Business to design, hire and build the right team & culture (aka your dream team). I also support you with choosing your HR Tech & achieving HR Compliance, so you have peace of mind that you're meeting your legal requirements. 

I work completely on a pay-as-you go basis, so whether you want help with a one-off project or you need ongoing support, I'm happy to flex, to best meet your needs. 

So, if your business has between 5 and 200 people, and is based within England or Wales, I'd love to help you to build your dream team.


Think I can help you?

I'd love to offer you a free consultation

You can book in your preferred date and time and we can talk through what you're looking for. 


My Experience Covers:

Business Growth Strategy

I've helped leaders to grow their business in the right way at the right time, with my organisational design skills

Culture Change

I've helped businesses to transform their culure to become more innovative or culstomer centric to support their goals 

Team Performance

I've supported business owners to improve team performance, employee engagement and skills in a variety of ways

Vision & Values

I've helped business owners to articulate their vision, goals and values to then build the team and culture they need to succeed


I've improved recruitment and hired leaders, data scientists, marketing, digital, tech, finance, HR and more

HR Transformation

I've revamped poor performing HR departments and mentored HR professionals who need additional help 

Employee Issues

I've provded advice and support with a range of tricky employee issues such as AWOL, theft, absence, and more!

Legal Compliance

I can create staff contracts, HR Policies, NDAs and a range of legal documents and lead HR Audits to assess risk


I have led large and complex redundancy processes in a way that's decent and complies with the law?



πŸ‘‰ Led the Best Companies Award process, and got my client 3 awards on their first entry, including top 50 Tech Company 

πŸ‘‰ Led initiatives to boost employee engagement by 25% in 12 months, through improving communication
πŸ‘‰ Reviewing and revamped the HR Stack - implementing world-class HR Systems (including Recruitment ATS, HR and Cultural).

πŸ‘‰ Set up Tech Assessments as part of the recruitment process to improve hiring decisions

πŸ‘‰ Created Culture Books to replace boring HR Policies & Procedures and to bring the culture to life

πŸ‘‰ Led Values Workshops to ensure the company values underpinned the desired mindset & behaviours

πŸ‘‰ Led Performance Calibration & Talent Workshops to identify what great looks like and top / poor performers

πŸ‘‰ Hired niche roles on a limited budget, including Earth Observation Data Scientists, AI Developers & Software Engineers

πŸ‘‰ Created legal documents including bespoke Employment Contracts, Contract for Services. NDAs and Severage Agreements 

πŸ‘‰ Managed / investigated a range of complex employee grievances & safeguarding issues


Here's what my former clients have said about me. // Scroll to read more
Mandy has helped me with various areas within my business including engaging the team, disciplinary procedures, hiring my dream team and so much more. Mandy has always made me feel that she cares as if my business was her own. Whilst giving me professional, honest advice she makes me believe in myself and the choices that I am making.

Michelle O'Neill, Founder of Purity Beauty

It can be hard running a business on your own and having HR support on your side is not always the first investment you think of but working with Mandy is worth every penny.

Jessica Rose, CEO London Jewellery School

Mandy provided me with strategic HR advice at a time of Change. She also led the implementation of the HR action plan. Mandy is honest, incisive and ethical.

Daniela Warr Schori - Interim CEO GWC

The key to Mandy's success lies in the fact that she really cares about people. What shines through is her kindness and respect for others.

Anna Clarkson, Pearson

Mandy is one of the very best HR professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. She is professional, committed, smart and creative.

Tom Glover, Pearson

We would highly recommend Mandy for the professionalism and thorough service and care in supporting our business and providing valuable guidance.

Mark Bradley, COO - NFEx Markets

I would absolutely recommend Mandy and Modern HR. She certainly made my experience hassle free, easy and affordable.

Tom Marren, CEO Coventry Scales


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I work with Tech Co's, Charities & Small Companies with 2 to 250 employees.
Here's just a few of the incredible clients I've worked with. 

Tech Co's & Creatives //

Lokulus, Beelivery, Terrabotics, Plain Jane Events, Co Kids, Coventry Scales,
Diane Butterworth, Capital Asset Management, Helix, James Automation,
London Jewellery School, Helix, Janet Murray, Tech Pixies 

Charities //

YMCA England & Wales, The Roundhouse Trust,
YMCA George Williams College, MQ Mental Health,
The Diana Award, Single Parents Wellbeing



Here's just a few of the incredible clients I've worked with over the last few years.

Tech Co's & Creatives //

Lokulus, Beelivery, Terrabotics, Plain Jane Events, Co Kids, Coventry Scales, Diane Butterworth, Capital Asset Management, Helix, James Automation 

Charities //

YMCA England & Wales, The Roundhouse Trust, YMCA George Williams College, MQ Mental Health,
The Diana Award, Single Parents Wellbeing




βœ… You'll always work with me. This isn't a call centre or agency with multiple HR professionals who don't have real-rold HR experience.  

βœ… I've walked the walk and led large global teams myself, so I understand the highs and lows first hand of leading a team (I know it isn't easy). 

βœ… I've used the best HR tech solutions to support growth and transformation and growth, so I know what's available to accelerate your growth

βœ… I'm an experienced & qualified HR Director & Leadership Expert (MSc HRM & CIPD Level 7)

So, if you're interested in working with me, then book a free consultation and let's discuss how I can help you


Popular FAQs

What did you do before you set up Modern HR?

I worked as the Global HR Director for Pearson, leading their Technology Division (FTSE 100) and then Head of HR for Argos, leading their Commercial & Supply Division. Have a look at my LinkedIn Bio here to view my full career history. 

Where are you located?

In Milton Keynes, with easy access to London (30 mins), Birmingham (45 mins) and Manchester (1.30 mins)

Can I book an hour urgently with you to get some HR Advice?

Yes absolutely. Click here to book your preferred date and time online and make the payment. 

Can you help me i I don't have an HR Team?

Yes, I often work with companies who don't have any in-house HR Support

I have an HR Team. Can you manage them for me?

Yes, for some companies, they want a HR Director, but they don't need one full-time. So they hire me to bridge the gap and bring the strategic HR support

How much do you charge?

I'd be happy to share my pricelist during our consultation. However, it's important to clarify that I'll be working as your HR Director. If you need a Contract or HR How-To Info, you may prefer to visit my shop here. 

Can you help me with a one-off HR project?

Yes, subject to my availability. Please book in a consultation and we can chat through your requirements in more detail. 

Do you offer monthly retainers? Is there a minimum period?

Yes, I work with a few companies on a monthly basis. There is no minimum period that you're locked into like many other HR consultancies, and it's just 30 days notice if you wish to cancel my services as anytime. I work us to work together because it's valuable for you.