I'm a small business owner. Why would I hire an HR expert?

You don’t need to hire an HR person necessarily. Not someone permanently on your payroll anyhow. But you probably will need HR support at key stages in your business lifecycle. For example, when you’re hiring somebody new or firing someone!

The world has moved on – and the good news is you can now take advantage of top-notch, external HR expertise that won’t cost you the earth – whenever the need arises.

Here’s how…


As a small business owner, you won’t need HR support on a day-to-day basis. That’s why having access to a freelance HR pro – as and when required – is so appealing.

Think about all the many times when a HR expert could bring something special to the table – by saving you humongous amounts of time and money – helping you to grow your business. But most of all, being there to make sure you do things the right way, and don’t make costly mistakes.

For example, when you’re 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

  • Setting up a new business
  • Growing or changing things
  • Recruiting people
  • Letting employees go
  • Dealing with a tricky people issue
  • Managing absence or poor performance
  • Wanting to be a better boss
  • Thinking about your own development
  • Struggling with your team members
  • Needing to build a more profitable team
  • Engaging and coaching your employees


These days, you can have tailored HR expertise delivered to you on a plate – in a way that totally suits your business needs – either virtually, or face-to-face.

And what’s more, you can easily find a flexible service that matches your budget – allowing you to pay by the hour, pay monthly, or pay for a standalone piece of work.

From online resources and monthly retainers, to advice by the hour and one-off projects – the options are endless.

This is a MASSIVE advantage to small businesses like yours, who require HR services, but on their terms.


The pool of freelance HR pros is getting bigger – as people leave employed or corporate life – in search of more autonomy and flexibility, perhaps to bring up children.

This means there’s loads of HR talent to choose from. And, the likelihood is, you’ll get big brand experience, without the big brand price tag. Whoop! 🎉

Of course, there’s truckloads of free advice from organisations like Acas – but they’re not going to know your business – because they don’t have a relationship with you.

When choosing someone – qualifications, experience, and areas of expertise are obviously important. But, ask to speak to their some of their existing or past clients to get a feel for how they work.

Somebody who’s worked at HR Director level will have a super-duper grasp of every aspect of HR, and be able to look at your business more strategically – on top of knowing the HR essentials.

Rapport is absolutely crucial. Your HR pro will be dealing with some of the most sensitive, delicate, exciting, complicated, and intricate parts to your business. So, you need to be able to get on and totally trust each other.


Apart from wasting loads of time and money – WITHOUT a super-duper HR pro by your side – you could end up:

  • Managing your people poorly ☹️
  • Being unable to meet customer demand, because one of your employees has gone AWOL ☹️
  • Recruiting the wrong person for a job ☹️
  • Badly handling a delicate or knotty people issue – leading to a complaint, a grievance, or even a tribunal ☹️
  • Letting an absence, disciplinary, or performance issue go unchecked ☹️
  • Giving out the wrong advice to your people, or worse still, enforcing the wrong procedures ☹️


Some small businesses find pregnancy, paternity, and maternity rights a bit of a minefield. This is a time when HR support can really help, by giving you the dos and don’ts of how to manage your people.

  • Did you know? One company had to award an employee a whopping £6,000 because they refused to give their employee part-time working when she came back from maternity leave. Ouch.
  • Did you know? £2,500 was awarded to an employee because their employer didn’t allow them time off for an ante-natal appointment. Ouch.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Oh, and by the way, these figures are from a Citizens Advice article.


🚫 You don’t necessarily need to hire a permanent HR pro that sits on your payroll

⏰ But, there will be situations that call for HR wizardry – saving you loads of time and money. For example, when you need to deal with a delicate people issue.

🤔 There’s a huge pool of talented, experienced, and independent HR people to choose from, that you can use on a totally flexible basis. Somebody with HR director level experience will be a real find.

🤗 Beyond qualifications and experience, look for somebody you have a genuine rapport with. And get in touch with some of their clients to see how they’ve made a difference to their business.

🙀 Remember, that without a HR pro by your side, you could leave yourself open to grievances and when the worst happens, being sued. And you don’t want that!


If you’re a small business, with under 300 employees, I can offer you strategic HR expertise that’s flexible – as and when you need it. I work predominantly with ambitious Tech & Creative companies, female entrepreneurs and Charities who are going through growth or change, or in some cases world domination. 

And because I’ve been working closely with businesses like yours for ages now, I totally understand what you need to manage your most important, but most expensive asset – your people.

So, as someone very clever said, don’t think of me as human resources. Think of me as one of your resourceful humans – a virtual part of your team – there when you need me to be!

If you interested in hiring a HR pro for your business, then book a free consultation here and we can talk through how I can help you. 

Mandy Hamerla

Mandy Hamerla​

Virtual HR Director & Leadership Mentor. I create game-changing HR & Hiring Strategies for ambitious small businesses in the UK and support you to lead your team with confidence. Check out my shop to download HR Templates & Contracts designed to make life easier.