3 tips to help you create a team culture of success 💪 🍾

how to create a team culture of success


Here's 3 tried and tested tips on how to build a culture of success. Armed with this, you’ll learn how to get the best from your staff. 👍


There are tasks in your business that you must do. 👉 Like pay your bills. Settle supplier invoices. Do your tax returns. Issue monthly reports. Be present on social media etc.

When you run a business, you establish a rhythm for doing these things. And you probably have set processes and dates for accomplishing these tasks.

This is exactly how you should approach Goal Setting. Build this into your business cycle and set goals for every quarter. 

No matter what size your business is, or how many staff you employ, performance goals are essential. Without them, how do your employees know what you expect from them?

There's a very simple framework, which you can use to do this.



A 20% increase in social media engagement



To be measured by the number of followers we gain



This feels attainable, because last year we grew followers by 15%



This sits nicely with their role, as they’re writing our digital content



The 20% increase should be achieved by January 2022

 🔥 HOT TIP 🔥 For more advice on goal setting for appraisals, read a blog I wrote called: OKRS OR KPIS? WHAT'S THE BEST WAY TO BOOST TEAM PERFORMANCE?


Make sure you factor in time to celebrate your employee’s achievements.

This will not only make them feel amazing, but it’ll also encourage them to go above and beyond for you in the future.

You can reward their success with a verbal thank-you, a gift, or even extra responsibility.


Don’t wait until an appraisal or 1-1 meeting to give your employee feedback. Timely, on-the-spot feedback is SOOO important, because:

👍 It allows you to nip performance issues in the bud

👍 It helps your employees to get better at what they do

👍 It creates an environment of continuous improvement

👍 It sets you apart as the boss

It's important to give positive feedback, but equally if there’s something you’re not happy with, you must call it out.

Letting poor behaviour or below average work go unchecked will cause resentment. It also sends a powerful message to the rest of your staff, that you’re okay with it.

Having honest conversations is hard. That’s why I dedicated an entire blog to it. It’s called: HOW DO I TELL MY EMPLOYEE THEY AREN'T PERFORMING, WITHOUT MAKING THE SITUATION WORSE

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