Interviewing Bundle

Interviewing Bundle

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Picking the right person for the job, is one of the most important things you’ll ever have to do. 

Choose wisely – and your new recruit will help you to reach the summit of success 🌄But, choose badly – and you’ll have wasted heaps of time and money 😠 Just ask any business owner who’s made this mistake, and they’ll show you their war wounds!

To help YOU bag yourself a star employee, ❤ I’ve put all my tricks and tips into this interviewing toolkit. It provides a thoughtful, structured approach to interviews (and makes you look super professional, even it it's your FIRST time interviewing. Check it out below 👇 


✔ An interview schedule template, so you can organise all your interview slots

✔ A script to help you to plan in advance what you want to say

✔ Over 50 questions to inspire you and help you hire the best person for you

✔ Six questions to avoid asking (to stay out of trouble)

✔ Nine email templates, to send to your candidates (to invite them to an interview and let them know they haven't been successful)  


✔ It's super easy to use. You get instant access as soon as you’ve paid online

✅ I’ve done ALL the work for you. Plus, it’s informed by 18 years of HR experience.

😱 You’re time poor and need a fast, effective way to feel organised, whilst running a business at the same time.

🏅You'll look like a pro - don’t forget, your applicants will be weighing up if you’re right for them too. So, you need to impress them as much as they need to impress you.

💪 It’ll help you feel super confident, knowing you’re prepped and ready to go – especially if you’ve not done much interviewing before

☕ And, it's cheap as chips. You can use it again and again forever!


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