What's your leadership persona? 😇 😍 😡

what's your leadership persona


The coronavirus pandemic was a test for all of us, in SOOO many different ways – on both a personal and professional level. 

As small business owners, we had to quickly adapt and diversify. And most importantly, we had to reassure our people.

How did you fare? What qualities or personality traits did you have to bring to the fore, or even rein in?

Below, I’ve created some playful leadership personas, to highlight what personality traits DON’T make for a great leader. I wonder if you recognise yourself in any of these descriptions. 🤔

Mr Micromanager 🔎

There’s nothing less motivating than a leader who just can’t let go. 😡

You’re this type of leader if you’re constantly checking up on your people and telling them how they should be doing things. And even when their back’s turned, you’re meddling with their work.

On a daily basis, you can usually be found ‘down in the weeds’ of the detail. And if you’re not there, you feel like you’re losing control. 😱

The problem with being Mr Micromanager, is that it sends a message to your staff that you simply don’t trust them. This is very disheartening for your employees and can make them feel worthless.

It’s also a MAHOOOSIVE stealer of your time, when you could be doing more strategic work instead, to grow and strengthen your business.

Top tip 💡 Always communicate the results you want to see, rather than telling your people how to deliver the results. For example, you could say you want a 10% increase in social media followers, and let your employees come up with ways to achieve that for you.👌

Miss Panic 😱

It’s SOOO unnerving when your boss is often in a blind panic over something, constantly catastrophising, and scared to decide what to do.

You can become this type of leader if you’ve taken too much on. For example, if you’re constantly chasing your tail, you’re gonna find yourself freaked out about decisions you’ve made on the hoof. Especially if you’re the type of person who hates taking risks.

The problem with being Miss Panic, is that you create a sense of heightened alarm amongst your team. It can also manifest itself when you’re with clients and suppliers. This gives people the impression you’re out of control.

Top tip 💡 Carve time out of the ‘day job’ to really think about how you can delegate more to your team. Get a fresh perspective on your workstack and operations from a trusted outsider. It might be that you’re in a such a tizz, you can no longer see the woods for the trees. 🌳

Consider getting a virtual assistant (VA) to organise your life. Check out a blog I’ve written about hiring VAs, and pick up some tips. 👌

Mr Unclear 😖

When you’re a leader, your job is to take people with you on a journey. In other words, present the vision for your business and explain how your employees play a part in making that vision become a reality.

However, when your boss doesn’t make sense, and is making decisions without explaining the rationale, it can be hard for staff to keep up. It’s even worse if you’re just not communicating at all. It can also generate feelings of suspicion and insecurity amongst your workforce. 🤔

You’re probably this type of leader if you feel compelled to provide answers when you just don’t know the answers. And you probably feel frustrated as a result.

The problem with being Mr Unclear, is that when employees don’t know the ‘why’, they can’t get behind your business ambition. It can also make them feel like they’re always on the back foot. For example, if you’ve decided to take on more staff, but you haven’t told your existing employees why, it makes them feel like you just don’t trust them.

Top tip 💡 Set up a regular time to chat with your employees and bring them up to speed with what’s happening with the business, and what’s inside your head! Perhaps a weekly conflab for an hour? I’ve written a blog all about team building, why not check it out here?

Mrs Unaware 🙉

Being a more intentional and mindful leader is a skill that takes time to hone. It involves having a heightened awareness of yourself and those around you. Without it, you’re oblivious to your own needs, and the needs of your employees.

You’re probably Mrs Unaware if your people share things with you that come as a total surprise to you. Or, you feel like busyness is stopping you from doing the things you need to do for yourself, in order to be a successful business owner.

The problem with being Mrs Unaware, is that you miss out on all the important daily cues that indicate how you, your business, and your team is doing. You’re not in tune with how the people around you are feeling – the people you depend upon to run your business.

Top tip  💡 If you feel like you’d like to hold a mirror up to you and your team, why not take an exercise in measuring each of your personality traits? Techniques like Facet5 and Insights are great for getting an external perspective on each other, and how you all like to work. It’s also really fun to do.

Want to be a more confident leader?

If you’re interested in honing your leadership skills as a small business owner, then let’s chat about the possibilities. Book a FREE, consultation with me here.


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