Team Strategy Session - Modern HR
Team Strategy Session - Modern HR
Team Strategy Session - Modern HR
Team Strategy Session - Modern HR

Team Strategy Session

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Work with Mandy - an award winning Leadership Mentor, Gallup Strengths Coach & HR Director.

Do you have the team & culture you envisioned for your company?

👉 Do you have big ambitious growth plans, but you're unsure how to scale your team to achieve growth or get the best out of them? 

👉 Are you losing employees and feel unsure how you’ll ever find enough talent to be fully staffed?

👉 Have you seen conflict within your teams that’s preventing them from reaching the goals they need to accomplish for the company?

👉 Are you just overwhelmed that your company’s culture isn’t what you envisioned or hoped it would be?

If so, my team strategy session, which has been designed to help you get clarity & confidence on how to elevate your team, so you can reach your next level of success.

Who is this for?

The Team Strategy VIP Day is perfect for CEOs, Managing Directors and Leaders working within organisations with less than 300 employees - who are:
  • Busy! When you get busy, you focus on getting things off your to do list, but you know you can’t continue to push people management tasks to the back burner in your business.
  • Action takers! You are motivated to solve a business problem or challenge in a compressed amount of time. You may be feeling overwhelmed or even losing sleep over this particular issue.
  • Wanting to take a deep, intensive dive 1:1 with an experienced, award-winning Leadership Mentor and HR Consultant who can empower you to solve the problem instead of Googling your way to an answer that may or may not work.
  • Willing to make things happen NOW in your business. You may even be a little impatient in wanting fast results. I work best with driven individuals.

Example Topics

✅ Designing your team structure for growth

✅ Hiring Strategies, Job Adverts & Interviewing Strategies 

✅ How to motivate & incentivise your current team to go the extra mile

✅ Pay, Bonuses & Benefits to incentive and retain your team

✅ Leadership or Team Performance Issues

✅ Culture Change 

✅ How to set performance objectives for your team


👉 Before our session, you'll complete a questionnaire which will bring to the surface how your current team is performing, and what your vision and goals are, and what you want to get out of the session, which will form the basis of your Team strategy.

👉We’ll create your Team Strategy, to help you achieve confidence and clarity about growing your team. 

👉After the session, you'll have 30 days email support to ask me any follow up questions. 

You'll be left feeling more empowered as a leader and the CEO of your business - knowing what you need from your team and how to move your business forward.


✅ I’ve got a whopping two decades of HR experience to offer you. Working with amazing entrepreneurs, tech companies, and charities – plus big, brand names like Argos

✅ I’m fully qualified ­to support you – with Chartered Fellow status from the CIPD, a Masters in HR Management, and a degree in Business Studies.

✅ It's easy to work with me. Pick a date and time before you book. 

✅ You are looking to avoid an HR Agency or big call-centre, where the people may give you textbook answers and not truly solve your problem.  

✅ But, most of important of all, you want to speak to someone who REALLY cares about you and will go above and beyond to help you out.


Before booking, I offer a free consultation to discuss what you're looking for, to ensure it's the best option for you. 

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Testimonials ❤️

So useful and worth every penny!

This toolkit was so easy to use and saved me so much time. It gave me all the information and templates needed for the process and made it simple from start to finish.

Really helpful

Having reached the point where I needed to make redundancies in my business, I wanted to make sure I did everything properly for my protection and to support my team. This bundle gave me everything I needed. It was clear to follow the steps and the template letters saved me a lot of time. Mandy was great at answering all my questions.

Easy Instant and Excellent

Such a straight forward piece of kit that is infinitely helpful for small enterprises and start ups.

Employee Handbook

This was just what our business needed. It has been written using simple, easy to understand, language and will be a fantastic resource for our employees. The template was easy to use and customise with our branding.
Thank you Mandy & Modern HR

A great resource

Mandy was extremely helpful and being able to download the document and brand it, saved me loads of time. Thank you

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