Level Up your Leadership Session

Level Up your Leadership Session

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Being an entrepreneur and running a successful business is one thing. But being a CEO and managing a team of people is completely different.

Yet, many people get to this situation and don't have the skills needed to lead a team. And that's when things go wrong. 

If you have a team now, but you never set out to have one, it can be difficult. Perhaps you feel like your team don't respect you or don't like you. Or maybe you feel completely out of your depth and lack the confidence or skills to lead your team. 

I've been there!

In my corporate career I went from being a sole contributor to managing a global team of 20 in the space of 18 months. And even though I am an HR professional with strong knowledge of how to lead people, the reality and complexity I faced was completely different. 

✅ Some people were older than me, and didn't like my success. 

✅ Some people were different to me and didn't like my style or approach 

✅ Some people were difficult and under-performing. And so I had to address that. 

But, I invested in a leadership mentor to help me master the techniques I needed and really got to know myself and my team. I transformed my under-performing team into one that got results and I can share my techniques with you, so you can achieve this too. 

This 1-1 session focuses on building one of your leadership skills that's holding you back or impacting your performance as a CEO. This could be: Interviewing Skills, Team Performance, Delegating, Difficult Conservations, Running Team Meetings or 1-1's or anything else related to leading teams. 

You'll get:

⭐ A 4-hour intensive session, held on Zoom

⭐ 30 days of Voxer support, for encouragement and to answer your questions 

⭐ Payment plans are available so please get in touch to discuss this. 


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