Hiring An Employee Bundle

Hiring An Employee Bundle

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Building a team is one of the MOST IMPORTANT things you’ll ever do as a small business owner.

Get it right, and you achieve your goals faster. Get it wrong, or make a mistake, and it can drain your time and energy – and even leave you open to tricky legal problems, that could potentially scupper everything you’ve worked so damn hard to build up. 

But don't worry - I've created this HR Toolkit to set you up for success. I’ve poured 18 years of experience into this, to give you all the tools and templates to hire someone AMAZING and put in place the HR stuff you need to comply with the law. 


Make sure you choose which Toolkit you want from the DROPDOWN LIST when you add this to your cart. There are 4 options. 

👉 1. Full-Time
- This is for an employee who will work full-time for you on a permanent basis e.g. Monday to Friday, 35 hours per week

👉 2. Part-Time - 
This is for an employee who will work part-time for you on a permanent basis e.g. Monday to Wednesday, 20 hours per week

👉 3. Fixed-Term / Temporary -
This is for an employee who will work for a fixed period and a temporary basis e.g for 6  or 12 months for a project or to cover maternity leave. 

👉 4. Kickstart Scheme -
This is for an employee who you've hired under the Kickstart Scheme Programme 


There's a lot to do when you are hiring an employee, so this makes life sooooo much easier for you. Here's some of the main benefits. 

So, don’t cut corners ✄ Instead, get my toolkit and you’ll:

⏰ Shave heaps of time off the recruiting process

💷 Save significant costs by advertising in the right places

📉 Limit the number of unsuitable applicants you get

💯 Bag the best person for the job. Hurrah!

👍 Stand a better chance of keeping hold of your perfect employee for longer

😴 Be able to sleep, knowing you’re legally compliant

⚖ Protect your biz, by having robust contracts and HR Policies 

📑 Be able to re-use these docs for each person you hire, as your team grows


1. For attracting star talent:

⭐ A top-notch job description template (to confirm the responsibilities of the role)

⭐ A job advert template (to save you time and give you a format to follow) 

⭐ 75+ fantastic ideas on where to advertise your job (free and paid options)

2. For interviewing like a PRO:

👌A super useful interview script template

👌50 interview questions (for total inspiration)

👌 Interview questions to AVOID asking, so you stay out of trouble

👌 A bunch of time saving email templates (so you can handle interview invites and rejections like a pro)

3. For making a job offer & complying with the law

👍A job offer letter

👍A PREMIUM employment contract template. Choose from a full-time contract, a part-time contract (if they work part-time hours) or a fixed-term contract (which is employment for a set period of time, like 6 months, (perfect for a kick-start scheme hire, a project or to cover maternity leave)   

👍A PREMIUM Employee Handbook template with over 30 HR policies included – explaining what you expect from your employees and what they can expect from you. This covers everything you need such as Code of Conduct, Sickness Absence, Maternity, Flexible Working, and so much more!

👍A variety of handy new joiner forms that go with your new employee’s contract, including GDPR, Payroll, Working Time Regulations, Employee Handbook Disclaimer and requesting references.  

👍An HR Checklist, to keep you on track and for peace of mind the important stuff is done


❤ Once you’ve paid, you’ll get access to everything in a matter of minutes

❤ I’ve made sure the templates are super easy to personalise and you can easily amend them to reflect your brand identity

❤ I’ll be here for you – for up to 7 days after you’ve purchased this toolkit if you have any questions at all, to ensure you are set up for success. 

❤ If the law changes, and affects your documents, you'll have access to updated versions


📞 Book a quick chat with me first, and I’ll answer any questions you might have.

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