If so, you're in the right place! 😍


Your business is doing really well and you're considering hiring an employee 🚀

Because, you know this could be GAME-CHANGING for your business, right? It could free up your time, allow you to 
achieve your goals FASTER and enable you to make MORE money 💰

But, whilst it's super exciting, you're also thinking about the things that could go wrong and how you can avoid making a terrible mistake (and protect your business).

If so, I completely understand. It's a biiiiigggg decision. 

As a qualified and experienced Virtual HR Director, I've helped hundreds of people to recruit super talented people. 

And, I can help you to do the same.

I'll help you through the entire hiring process from start to finish and teach you what you need to know (and do) to hire your first employee successfully 😍

Start Here First

  1. Not sure if you need an employee or contractor? 
    Then let me tell you the key differences and the pros and cons for each one, to help you make a decision. Click here. 
  2. Curious about the hiring process? Read this 🤔
    Read my blog about the super-critical things you need to do from the very beginning when you hire an employee, 
  3. Starting to recruit and need some interview tips? 
    Then let me share my top tips on how to interview like a pro, and how to spot the blaggers & liars. Here's the link. 
  4. Found 'the one' and ready to make a job offer? 😀
    Yay. Congratulations. If you're wondering about what to include in an employment contract, read this. 
  5. Made a job offer and planning the induction ✅ 
    Congratulations on your first hire! 👏🏼 Let's get started on the induction plan. Click to find out how to create one. 


If you're ready to start the hiring process, you'll love my popular hiring bundle, which gives you everything you need (including Interview questions, Employment Contract, HR Policies, new joiner forms + support from me)

There are 4 types to choose from: 

👉 Full-Time Employee
👉 Part-Time Employee
👉 Temporary Employee &
👉 Kickstart Employee