Letter to Terminate (End) a Contractor Agreement

Letter to Terminate (End) a Contractor Agreement

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Loads of small business owners use the services of self-employed contractors or freelancers. They’re a great way to bring specific expertise into your company, without having to recruit a permanent employee.  

You can’t use them forever though – otherwise HMRC could be on your back for IR35 (where they think you have a disguised employee)!

So, when the time comes to part company, make sure you’re protected from any negative repercussions that could crop up in the future. For example, I’ve come across contractors claiming they weren’t told an agreement had ended, leaving the small business owner with an unexpected invoice to settle months later 😱


It’ll better protect you from:

💷 Any future misunderstandings over money owed.

⚠ It serves as a reminder to your contractor or freelancer – of any contract obligations they still may have, even if they’re no longer working for you. For example, a non-compete agreement where you’ve specified they can’t work for one of your competitors. Or, an intellectual property clause, that spells out who owns any assets they may have created for you – like a logo for example.

💯 It’s 100% compliant with English law.

👌 It makes you look MEGA professional.


✔ After you’ve paid, a link will be emailed to you in a jiffy – so you can download the letter – which comes in Microsoft Word format.

✔ You can top and tail it, so it reflects your own brand identity with your logo.

✔ You can re-use it again and again – as you go on to hire more self-employed contractors or freelancers.

✔ If you’ve any queries after you’ve purchased my letter – I’m totally here for you!


👌 If you’re parting company on great terms – which I’m sure you are – use this letter as a prop to formally wrap things up, and thank your contractor for what they’ve done for you. In my experience, self-employed contractors and freelancers are very well connected – simply because of the nature of their work status. So, this could be an opportunity for them to be an advocate of your brand ❤


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