Employee Handbook Template (HR Policies)

Employee Handbook Template (HR Policies)

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An Employee Handbook is a super important document to give to your employees when they join – whether you’ve got one 👤 or one-hundred employees! 👥

In a nutshell, it’s a bunch of essential HR policies, procedures, and guidelines about how you run your business. Everything from your sickness absence process, right through to how you deal with poor performance – it sets out what you expect from your employees, and what they can expect from you.

Workplace quarrels can be hell for small business owners 😱 So, get ahead and stop them from happening in the first place, with my top-notch template 👇


An employee handbook template, with access to over 30 HR policies. So, it's super comprehensive! The image on this page shows you which ones. 👍 To make doubly sure you get the best out of this template, you’ll also get some detailed instructions and FAQs to help you launch it.

Here's a few extra things to tell you:

📧 After you’ve paid online, a link to the docs will be emailed to you like a shot!

📑 The template itself comes in Microsoft Word format.

👊 It’s MEGA easy to add your company logo and brand font or colours


⏺ It’s the go-to guide for HOW you want to run your business, and sets out the behaviours you want from your people

⏺ It helps you to treat everybody in the same way, without discrimination

⏺ It’ll help to protect your business, should any people problems rear their ugly head in the future

⏺ It’ll help to keep you out of THE dreaded employment tribunal 😨

⏺ You get the benefit of my 18 years in HR – knowing exactly what situations call for a bit of clarity from a doc like this

⏺ It’s 100% compliant with English law AND meets your GDPR requirements too

⏺ It’s written in PLAIN English to avoid all misunderstandings

⏺ If the law changes, you get access to future updated versions

⏺ I’m totally here for you if you have any questions after you’ve bought it


💡PLEASE don’t whizz this doc over to your employee via email – without any upfront explanation about what it is, why you're introducing it and why it’s so important 🙏

Allow them time to go through it properly (ideally 30 days) and give them the opportunity to ask you questions. That way, they’re more likely to remember the contents – and as a result – you’ll reduce the number of workplace problems you get in the future.


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