I want to build an amazing team. How do I get started?

How exciting! Building your dream team is one of the most fabulous tasks you get to do as a small business owner. And, it’s also one of your most important jobs – because it directly impacts on the success of your business 📈

Hiring can take time and can be a complicated process, with many different hoops to jump through. It’s no wonder so many of my clients feel daunted by it. Where an earth do you start? 😱

In this blog, I’m going to focus on the super-critical things you need to do from the very beginning. Tasks that too often get overlooked.

So, put the kettle on, and have your pen and notepad at the ready ☕🗒


What is a dream team? That’s the beauty of building YOUR dream team. It can be totally built on your terms – reflecting what’s important to you and your business 👌

For me, a dream team is the perfect number of talented individuals – each having the necessary experience, skills, values, and personalities – that work harmoniously together to help grow your business.

The Cambridge Dictionary definition is: a group of people who have been specially chosen to work together, and are considered to be the best at what they do.


A marketing manager once told me, that on her way OUT of an interview, the managing director (who was the interviewer), said to her: “I think you might be a good fit because we share the same values.”

This totally perplexed her 🤔 What’s that got to do with the price of fish? 🐟 She thought.

I explained to her that he was simply suggesting that she was probably a great cultural fit for his business. And that’s exactly the right thing to be looking out for 👍

For example, you might interview a website designer who has all the right qualifications, but doesn’t share the same values as you, or the rest of your team. This means they probably won’t be a good fit for your business, despite being highly-qualified. The reason I know this is important, is because as human beings, it’s our values that often determine how we think, behave, work, and measure our own success.

That’s why so many prosperous small businesses – and large organisations – take the time to define their brand values, and then recruit against them.


  • What do you want customers, clients, and suppliers to say about what it’s like doing business with you?
  • What do you want your staff to say about how it feels to be one of your employees?
  • What do you want your business legacy to be?

These are all BIG, meaty questions that should be defined by your brand values.

For example, your brand values might centre around delivering the highest-quality product.

Therefore, those values should permeate through everything you do, and every decision you make. From where you buy your materials from, to the turnaround times you quote your customers.

A team that’s been recruited to deliver the highest quality products will look super-different to a team that’s been recruited to deliver a different brand value. A team focussed on quality, will value things like being detail oriented; process driven; standards centric; and totally consistent.


Deep down, you know what you’re like. You know what you’ve learnt about yourself from building your business and working with others. You know the foibles, habits, quirks, and little ways you have – that make up YOU.

So, use this insight about yourself to build your dream team. Think about the values you have and the skills you don’t.

For example, you might value being super-organised and making sure you pay your suppliers on time. But, you might be an administrative nightmare! Or, you might want to do more networking to gain more clients. But, you’re a complete introvert.

Get what I’m saying? 👊


It helps to visualise what you want your dream team to look like. Smart business people, who want to attract star talent 🌟 often use employee avatars to help them to better define who and what they want. And also, to enable them to climb into the shoes 👠 of potential candidates when they’re trying to lure them into working for them 😉

Ask yourself these questions about your future employees👇

  • What’s their background?
  • What’s important to them about their work?
  • Where will they be looking for jobs?
  • What job benefits would they find most attractive?
  • What kind of environment would they thrive in?

If you have this in mind throughout the hiring process, you’re more likely to make better decisions along the way that lead to you bagging your dream team recruit 👌


In my experience, small business owners are much too quick to give up on what they REALLY want, especially when it’s taking longer than expected to find a suitable candidate.

I talk more about this in another blog I’ve written for small business owners – who simply cannot find what they’re looking for 🤷

Here are two things I regularly recommend my clients should do when they’re looking to build their dream team ⬇

✅Scribble down a list of things your team members MUST have. In other words, your ‘Absolute yes’ list. For example: experience in the charity sector, a sunny personality 🌞

❎Write down the things you WILL NOT compromise on. In other words, your ‘Deal-breakers’. For example: lack of qualifications, or someone with an inability to stop talking and listen! 😱


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🙌 It’s super-exciting when you’re building your dream team – but it needs a bit of upfront planning to attract the people who’ll help you to grow your business.

👍 Making sure your future employees are a cultural fit, is as important as making sure they have the right experience and skill set.

😎 Your hiring decisions should wholly reflect your brand values. For example, if one of your brand values is to make all your clients super-happy, then you may want to consider recruiting somebody with a sunny and helpful disposition!

👩 Don’t forget to look in the mirror at yourself when you’re thinking about building your dream team. This is to make sure you hire a person who can complement your own personality and skill set.

👩 Employee avatars are a great way of visualising your dream team and help to keep you on the straight and narrow throughout the hiring process.

🙅 Be selfish. It’s YOUR dream team, so don’t make too many compromises on what and who you want.

🆓 Finally, scroll down and download my FREE Hiring Strategy workbook, to start mapping out your next amazing hire. 

Feel free to book a free consultation with me if you have questions, and I can explain a bit more. 

Mandy Hamerla

Mandy Hamerla​

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